How To Deal With Problem Tenants

The rental market in South America is at an all-time high – instead of saving money to buy a new apartment for decades, or taking a mortgage, more and more young South Americans prefer to rent property. This trend can benefit both the tenants, who receive an opportunity to get a nice place to live for a reasonable monthly payment, and homeowners, who get to make money with their property. However, conflicts between tenants and landlords are nearly inevitable, and today most landlords battle with how to deal with a problem prone tenant. STUDY THE LAW The relationship between the tenant and the landlord is regulated by numerous laws and policies, and the policies can differ from one area to another. Whenever you’re getting ready to deal with a problem tenant, first study your rights and responsibilities . Find out what you can do in each particular situation, whether you can evict the tenant before the rent contract is over, and whether a fine can be imposed on you as a landlord for term